Women’s Café in English

Welcome to Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs meeting point for women: Women’s Café in English, in the heart of Helsinki. 

We meet Fridays at 12-14 in Lilla Luckan, Yrjönkatu 27, in Helsinki city center.

The meetings are organised in an informal way around a cup of tea or coffee. Make new friends and get involved in what is happening locally. Every meeting is organized around one topic - for example job search, language courses and Finnish everyday life. Children are also welcome. Changing tables for babies, toys and a microwave are available. We serve coffee, tea and snacks.

Please follow us on facebook, on instagram kvinnis_sornas and in the facebookgroup Women's Café in English Networking to get latest information. Themes and guests are announced in advance on social media.

No Women's Café in English this Friday 27.5.2022 due to "Helatorstai". But we are open again Friday 3.6.2022 at 12-14. After that there will be a summer break until 2.9.2022.

The cafe is organized by Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs in collaboration with Luckan Integration.



Photography class at Women’s Café in English

This Friday May 20th we will have a session on photography. Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
18.05.2022 kl. 10:50

Feel comfortable in your body! Try Massage Therapy at Women’s Café in English

Welcome to a session about therapeutics of touch, massage basics and basic breathwork. Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
10.05.2022 kl. 13:02

How emotions affect the way you dress

Join Women's Cafe in English at LillaLuckan Friday 22.4 at 12 for a cup of coffee and a session about fashion and people’s behaviour around it.Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
14.04.2022 kl. 14:05

Self Defense for Women

Join Women's Cafe in English at LillaLuckan Friday 8.4 at 12 for a cup of coffee and a session about self defence! Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
06.04.2022 kl. 13:04

Get to know relaxation techniques at Women's Café in English

This Friday 25.3 nutrition and embodiment counselor Rebecca Sonkkila will lead a class in breathing, physical and relaxation practices. Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
23.03.2022 kl. 11:32

Addiction, bad habits and how they affect relationships

This Friday 18.3 Mette Strauss from KRAN is our guest at Women's Café in English. Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
15.03.2022 kl. 09:49

Divorce recovery session at Women's Café in English

How to recharge, recover and start a new chapter in your life?Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
22.02.2022 kl. 14:49

The multifaceted history of Lapinlahti

Get to know Lapinlahti area, including two former hospitals and three graveyards with professional guide Heidi Johansson.Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
25.01.2022 kl. 13:20

Try fun and full body workout with "Barre" outdoors

Try "Barre" with Women's Café in English and instructor Teresa Paulig!Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
20.01.2022 kl. 10:41

Time to enjoy walking in the snow!

Due to the restrictions Women's Café in English do not meet at Luckan in the current coronasituation. Instead we revert to our neighbourhood walks.Läs mera »
Fredrika Biström
11.01.2022 kl. 13:31