Fun and safe session of self defence

30.01.2024 kl. 12:04
Next Friday 2.2 at Women's Café in English we have the pleasure of welcoming Mixed Martial Artist & Health coach Iris Vos.

How to be more assertive, aware and confident? In this workshop we will cover prevention, awareness and include some simple techniques anyone can try. 

As usual the meeting starts at 12 but we have a new location. We meet on floor 1 in Luckan Helsingfors, Yrjönkatu 27 and then go up to 6th floor with a lift, as there is a big space to practice in. This is the door to the lift that takes you up to floor 6:


Iris from Flow Nomad has visited our meeting point before and has many years of experience helping women with self-confidence and self-defense. You will be guided - first in person and after that by signage if you are late in coming.

We close at 14. Just show up, no registration needed. The adress, second floor. We serve coffee and tea and something to snack on. The Women's Café in English -meetings are organised in a relaxed, informal way around a cup of tea or coffee. Make new friends and get involved in what is happening locally.

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Fredrika Biström