How to perform in high-stake situations: From self-doubt to self-confidence

This Friday 24.11 at Women's Café in English we have the pleasure of welcoming early career researcher Mandira Halder, as our guest. She will give us a session about how to develop confidence from the core.
22.11.2023 kl. 11:13

Vulva Workshop

Welcome to an intimate circle for people with vulvas.
13.11.2023 kl. 10:58

The power of art and movement

How about diving in the ’together alone’-space or try out how art can give you power?
08.11.2023 kl. 10:55

Healthy Integration from the psychologists point of view

This Friday 3.11 at Women's Café in English we have the pleasure of welcoming Amy Lindroos and Jenine Simons as our guests.
31.10.2023 kl. 11:15

Fast fasion and conscious shopping

Fast fasion, what can you do to not get carried away by it?
11.10.2023 kl. 08:52
Emma ute i solen på narinkens torg

How has politics in Finland changed and become more interesting?

Finland has a new government, the debate about racism and credibility is ongoing and many wonder what is really going on.
27.09.2023 kl. 09:41

Vi står för systerskap, rättvisa och solidaritet.

Föreningen är ett samlande forum för feminister som har kämpat för kvinnosaken i över ett sekel och har idag över 400 medlemmar. Vi ordnar seminarier och kulturaktiviteter samt stöder och för fram kvinnor i politiska val.